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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a personal trainer?


People of all fitness levels can benefit from personal training. Trainers provide the knowledge, motivation, and accountability to achieve your fitness goals safely. Good trainers will also help you set goals and be a partner in your health and wellness.  We have trained clients ranging from 13 to 97 years old. Some who have never set foot in a gym before, up to professional athletes.


Can I get fit just with exercise?


A combination of diet and exercise is the most effective way to get results. People who try to get fit just by controlling one are much less likely to get results than people who do both.


Do you create meal plans?


Bergeron Personal Training provides nutritional counseling based on your needs and goals to help you lose fat, gain muscle, and improve performance. Only a licensed nutritionist is legally allowed to create a full meal plan, but we can provide advice and recommendations to your diet to get you results.


What type of exercise do you do with your clients?


We customize your workouts based on your individual needs, but most sessions include functional exercises done in a circuit designed to challenge your cardiovascular as well as muscular systems. We also offer swimming, boxing, cycling, and hiking workouts for clients that want to include it.


How do you track clients progress?


At Bergeron Personal Training, every 6 weeks we take circumference and body fat measurements for our clients and track the changes. We do monitor weight as well, but also remind clients that if they are gaining muscle and losing fat, the scale may not always be the best indicator of their progress.


Where do you train your clients?


Most of what we do takes place in our North Scottsdale personal training facility. However, we do offer in-home training to people living within 20 miles of our studio as well as outdoor training. If you don't live in the greater Phoenix area, we offer online training. 


What is your cancellation policy?


Part of keeping our clients accountable is having a 24-hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged for a session.



Don't see your question? Feel free to email us or ask in the comments below. 

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