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Cold-Weather Workout Tips: How to Stay Fit When It's Winter

Exercise in Winter: Why You Should Put Forth the Effort

It’s easy to lose motivation to work out in the winter. When the weather is nasty, and it’s dark

most of the day, all you want to do is stay in bed. Plus, the layers you bundle up in to protect

yourself from the cold, sleet, and snow help you forget about any excess fat or loss of muscle

tone that’s going on under it all. That being said, winter is actually the best time for you to be

working on your fitness goals. Once the holidays are out of the way, there are less social

engagements to attend to, so you have the free time to hit the gym instead of meeting up for

happy hour. And if you sweat it out now, you are more likely to see results once the sun comes

back and the layers come off.

Those are not the only benefits to working out in the winter. An estimated 10 million Americans

suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is more prevalent in the winter. Working

out can help fight the symptoms of SAD which include depression, fatigue, irritability, increased

appetite (especially for comfort-inducing carbohydrates), loss of libido, and difficulties

concentrating. Exercise can help people beat seasonal depression by boosting their brain’s

levels of serotonin. The levels of this feel-good neurotransmitter stay elevated even hours after

your workout is over.

Winter Workout Motivation

If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to work out in the winter, try Bergeron Personal

Training's helpful tips.

Dress for Success

If you wear the right gear, exercising outside in the winter can actually be more pleasurable than

toiling away in the summer sun. Invest in long-sleeve tops made of technical fabrics that wick

sweat away from your body so you stay dry and warm. Or a lightweight fleece pullover is a great

addition to help you stay warm simply by pairing it over your normal workout T-shirts. Cover

your legs without losing flexibility with running tights, tracksuit pants, or leggings. Keep your

ears warm with an athletic beanie, headband, or earmuffs. Waterproof socks are necessary for

when there is snow on the ground, and running gloves can keep your fingers warm. Finally, a

water- and snow-proof jacket is a great touch for your winter athletic wardrobe.

Play With Your Pup

Your dog needs exercise in the winter, too. Taking him with you while jogging around the

neighborhood or hiking in a local park can kill two birds with one stone. Or, if the weather is too

treacherous, get in a little exercise indoors with the help of man’s best friend. Spending an hour

or so playing indoors can help burn off his excess energy while keeping your body active as

well. It’s not going to burn as many calories as a dance class or build muscle like lifting weights,

but when it comes to exercise, doing anything is better than nothing.

Home Gym Necessities

While jogging or walking the dog count as your aerobic exercise, you should do some sort of

strength training as well. Stocking up on home equipment means you can build muscle without

joining (or making the cold winter trek to) a gym. A kettlebell can give you a full-body workout

that engages the core while sculpting arms and legs. Other items like balance balls, resistance

bands, pull-up bars, and an abdominal roller can transform your home into a fitness haven.

Once you've assembled your gym equipment, you can then add other important workout tools to

the mix, such as a fitness app and music. An app is a great motivational tool because it will

keep you accountable by offering daily workout plans, advice about nutrition, and instructions for

performing workout moves properly. To keep you going with your workouts, you can also put

together playlists and assign them to different types of workouts, like running and strength



While it may be cold outside, winter is no excuse to ignore your fitness goals. It is important to

work out even in bad weather if you want to beat the winter blues and firm up by the time warm

weather rolls around. Stocking up on the right workout gear makes outdoor exercise easy.

Double up on duties by using your pup as a workout buddy. Finally, use some home gym

equipment to incorporate strength training into your winter workout routine.

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