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Weight Loss Guide From Bergeron Training
Bridal Bootcamp Testimonial

"Ramsey Bergeron of Bergeron Personal Training began training me for my wedding and I was skeptical that I would see the results I wanted since I only had two and a half months. However, I would quickly be proven wrong! I exceeded my fitness goals and have never felt more beautiful and confident in my life. Ramsey is not only a talented and knowledgeable personal trainer; he is fun, energetic and surprisingly humorous. These qualities make it close to impossible to fail meeting your goals! I am fortunate to have found Ramsey before my wedding; I have pictures I will treasure forever. Ramsey is a personal trainer I recommend to everyone in Scottsdale who is serious about reaching their fitness goals!”


Senior Fitness Training Testimonial

"As an older adult, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Ramsey Bergeron at Bergeron Personal Training for my strength training. He has a wealth of knowledge with diet, how your body reacts to training, and most importantly an upbeat attitude. He watches you carefully during each exercise to make sure you are getting the most out of each rep and in the process not hurting yourself. Plus, believe it or not, he makes fitness training fun!”


Senior Fitness Training Testimonial

"Rarely do you find a personal trainer that is as knowledgeable about effective training techniques, nutrition, and the psychology of motivation that is also personable and friendly with a sense of humor that would put the most trepidatious potential client at ease and make them excited to get started. Ramsey can cater to the Ironman triathlete or to the client who wasn't sure they could even spell the word "gym" until today. His training methods are complete. From weights and cardio to nutrition and life coaching, Ramsey certainly seems to subscribe to the notion that efforts to get healthier must touch all aspects of life. And it's undeniable: he gets results. Cannot recommend this trainer enough. Rating: All of the stars."


Tara Gorman.jpg

I have worked with a handful of other trainers over the years, but Ramsey is the one who exceeds all expectations. Before even beginning my first session, he wanted to know about my goals so he could tailor the workout specifically to what I needed. I have had issues with my hips for several years and was looking into hip surgery. Because Ramsey has worked with me on my posture and strengthening the muscles around the joints, I’m no longer having issues! We are now working on my new goal, which is passing the fitness test for a police academy. No matter what your goals are, Ramsey at Bergeron Training makes them easy to accomplish!


Client hits their goals at Bergeron Training

"I started training with Ramsey Bergeron at Bergeron Personal Training in 2015. I have never used a trainer before, but have exercised semi-regularly. Ramsey focused first on my diet and after carefully evaluating my level of fitness and my personal needs, created a fitness plan focused on my goals. When we started, I could only do few push-ups on a bar or my knees after few months, I was doing inclined push-ups rolling a ball for added core strength build up. In just a year, I was in the best shape of my life. I have been exercising with Ramsey 2 to 3 times per week at his Scottsdale, Arizona fitness studio. What I like most about Ramsey, is that he is also a great life coach, considering, but firm. To top it all, Ramsey has a very cool way to stimulate his clients. For a few years now, he has been organizing a trip once a year somewhere around the world where his clients can go and challenge themselves. This year, I completed my first backpacking trip in New Zealand - Milford Track. Next year, Ramsey is organizing an amazing trip to Norway where we will be challenged by almost vertical staircases and stunning views. As a result of my training with Ramsey, I have been able to get in the best shape of my life, at age of 40, learned to swim and overcome fear of oceans, participating in a charity triathlon, walking some of the most beautiful trails on Earth and had been able to overcome great challenges with his support. I could not wish for a better trainer and I am happy to recommend Bergeron Personal Training to anyone and answer any questions you might have. He is the best Scottsdale Personal Trainer!!!


Client hits their goals at Bergeron Training

"Working with Ramsey at Bergeron Personal Training in Scottsdale for almost 10 years.. which speaks for itself. Just crossed the 60 year mark and feel as strong as I ever have been. Ramsey is knowledgeable and up to speed with training methods and makes sure our sessions are both safe and impactful. My sessions with Ramsey are generally the highlight of my week!


Triathlon testimonial for Scottsdale's Bergeron Personal Training

"Working out with Ramsey Bergeron has changed my life…I am in the best shape ever and get so many compliments on my physique. He is focused solely on you during the session and makes every session unique using different exercises. I am never bored. Ramsey motivates and encourages you, even when you are ready to quit! Because of Ramsey, I have done things I never thought I could do. I was even able to compete in my first triathlon and he was there cheering me on!!!”


Bergeron Personal Training Testimonial by Mari Hellreigel

"Nearly 2 yrs ago when I met Ramsey Bergeron in Scottsdale, I had not been off my cane in 5 years. Back then, 30 minutes of sustained exercise was enough to put me in bed for days. Ramsey started with simple stretches and balance exercises, and we worked our way up from there. At one point that summer my cane had not left my bedroom in 3 months. Then I re-injured my back on my own. Instead of throwing up his hands and giving up on me, Ramsey took me back to the basic stretches, and we started over. Only this time I was a lot stronger and fought my way back a lot quicker. I am now pain-free for the most part, which I have not been in years. Ramsey may have saved me from a life in a wheelchair, because that is where I was headed, make no mistake. Getting started is the hardest part – the rest is all reward.”


Bergeron Training Marathon.jpg

If you feel stuck, have an audacious goal, or want to feel better Ramsey Bergeron is your guy. I approached him with an impossible task; To get me to the finish line of a marathon 90 days before the race when I was very overweight and could not run even 3 miles. He was honest that it may not be possible, cared enough about me personally to continually monitor me for injury risk, and put together the perfect plan that got me to the finish line. Crossing the finish line was one of the most memorable, emotional and empowering events of my life and I could not have done it without his guidance. He continues to be my friend, my mentor, and a resource as I strive to achieve higher goals.


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