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Virtual Training FAQ

Q: Can I do a virtual workout if I don't have exercise equipment at my house?

A: Yes! By using bodyweight and everyday household items, you will get a workout as effective as you would in a gym. No dumbbells? Try putting a few books into a reusable grocery bag! Part of your free consult will be reviewing everyday items you have that you can use for effective home workouts. 

Q: Is there anything that I DO need? 

A: You will need a device capable of video chat. This can be anything from an iPhone, laptop, or any other device. We can use Zoom, Facebook video chat, or Facetime. 

Q: Why don't you just send me a program to do on my own? 

A: Studies have shown that most people who purchase online training plans fail to stick to a schedule and can get injured if no one is able to observe their form. Bergeron Personal Training virtual workouts are one-hour long workouts where I am observing your form and creating a program custom-built around your goals and the tools that you have. Virtual training also helps you establish a routine that is critical for those of us working from home. Without structure, many of us are working far more hours remotely than we did going into an office. Knowing you have a session scheduled forces you to spend time on your physical health which will also improve your mental health. 

Q: How much are the sessions? 

A: The initial consultation where we will review the household items you can work with, your space, and your goals is complimentary. If you are an existing client, the first full workout session is also complimentary.  After that, virtual training sessions are $50 per hour.

Q: Does virtual training include nutritional counseling? 

A: Yes, virtual training includes everything included in my in-gym training. 

Want to get more information or schedule your free assessment? Contact us today! 

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