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Riding to Fight Cancer in Columbus, OH

RIding with teammate Elyse Gallagos

Yes today was a great workout and a tough ride, but that’s not why I’m here. Most of the races and rides I’ve done have been in the pursuit of athletic and mental stamina and have, at the root, been all about pushing myself. Today was not about me. Today was about my mom who won her battle with cancer. My brother Scott who lost his. For those of you who have loved ones that have faced cancer. And for the 1 in 4 of you that will get it. And it all hit home while riding in the middle of nowhere Ohio near race mile 80 where a guy was standing holding a sign that said “thank you for saving my wife.” Not only was he holding the sign, he made it a point to make eye contact with every rider that went by and said “thank you.” That brought a tear to my eyes. Over the last six years, Pelotonia has raised over $82 million dollars and every single dollar is spent directly on cancer research. It’s not too late to donate to my ride this year. Give anything you can. Please go to

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