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Year of "no excuses"

Ok, so it’s been waaaaaaaaay too long since my last post but thanks to a recent invention (iPhone apps) I will be able to update this much more regularly so now you can expect a weekly blog full of training and workout tips, recaps, and general info on health and fitness.

I’ll start off by telling you that going into 2015, I have dubbed this my “year of no excuses.” My wife and I had a close friend of ours pass away unexpectedly on Christmas Eve this past year. It really put things in perspective for us so I promised myself that every month I would do something that is on my bucket list, something I’m not good at, or something that scares me. So far so good! January I went skiing (I’ve only ever been twice in my life), February I ran my first Ragnar from Miami, and in March I surprised my wife with a spontaneous trip to Kauai.

So no more excuses! I’ll be posting on this blog much more regularly!

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