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5 Practical Ways to Maximize Your Gym Time

Do you have 3 extra hours a day for your workouts? Probably not. In today's hectic world every minute is valuable, so use these tips from a certified personal trainer to make your workouts in the gym more effective.

1) Put Away Your Phone

Making your workouts a "phone free" zone will help you stay focused and get better results. Nothing pulls you out of the zone and wastes your time like checking Facebook instead of checking your form. It's also rude to other people in the gym who are waiting on your to stop scrolling through your Instagram feed and get off the machine they want to use. If you use your phone for music, I recommend using bluetooth headphones and then either leaving your phone in your gym bag, or with the front desk if you are still within range. That way you can have your music without the constant temptation to take a peek at your virtual world.

2) Concentrate on the Muscles You Are Using

Instead of thinking about what groceries you need after you are done with the workout, focus on the muscles you are using for each particular movement. Thinking about the muscles you are actively engaging helps strengthen your mind-body connection and will increase your output and your results. As a personal trainer, I always ask clients where they feel particular exercises to help them understand what we are targeting and to focus on those areas. It will also help prevent injury by keep you from using synergists instead of primary movers.

3) Have a Plan Before You Walk In

There's a reason for the old adage "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Every workout should have a purpose and be part of a larger plan to workout all parts of your body towards your specific goals. Before you walk into the gym, you should know what you hope to accomplish that day. Is it "chest day?" Are you doing lighter weights and more reps? And why? How does this particular workout fit into the periodization of your overall plan? If you don't have a plan or need help, let us know!

4) Walk Afterwards

Going for a short (10-20 minute) walk after a workout will significantly increase your results. Too often, when we are done lifting we get back in a car to plop down in a chair at work or on the couch at home. By walking after you are done exercising, you will burn extra fat since your body has already depleted its glycogen stores. Plus, it helps loosen up your muscles and will make you less sore the next day.

5) Make Progress, Not Friends (aka, stop socializing)

This one sounds harsh, but unless you are working out with a trainer or workout partner, you aren't at the gym to talk (and even in those examples, you should still be concentrating on your form). It's one of the main reasons I wear headphones and listen to music, it helps keep me motivated and prevents others from distracting me.

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