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9 Tips to Keep Off Holiday Weight

Gaining weight over the holidays tends to be a time honored American tradition. But there are strategies to help you stay fit and head into the new year in great shape! As an expert in fitness and nutrition, here are the 8 tips we here at Bergeron Personal Training recommend to our clients in Scottsdale and around the world.

1) Its a HoliDAY not a HoliMONTH

Thanksgiving is just one day. So is Christmas. (Ok, we know Hanukkah is 8, but you get the idea). Don't let the season be an excuse to be a free-for-all for an entire 6 weeks. Overeating 500 calories a day means you'll gain one lb a week. Try to keep your cheat meals to actual holiday events.

2) Have a Fitness Goal

Don't give up on your fitness until the new year, maybe sign up for a 10k or an event in January to make you stay disciplined in December. Bergeron Personal Training encourages our clients to always have a fitness goal to keep them motivated and aiming towards success.

3)Drink up! (Water that is ;) )

If you know you are going to be eating

excess and consuming alcohol, drinking water before and during the night will help fill you up and limit the amount you overeat/drink. Plus you get the added benefit of staying hydrated and not being as hungover!

4)Track what you are eating

Probably the tip you want to do the least but will benefit you the most is to actually track what you are eating. Using an app like MyFitnessPal, log your diet and it will help keep you accountable as well as make you think twice when you realize how many calories are in that second slice of pumpkin pie.

5)Have a support system

I've always been a proponent of surrounding yourself with like-minded people who also want to improve their lives. Having a friend, spouse, or personal trainer hold you accountable goes a long way to helping you stick to your goals. Let them know you don't want to over do it at the company holiday party and maybe text them if you are having a weak moment.


Once Thanksgiving hits, most of us don't want to get on the scale till January 1st and we want to see how much damage we have done. If you do get on a scale regularly, you can see if your diet is breaking your calorie bank and dial back before its too late. What is a regular weigh-in? Depends on you, but I recommend at least once a week to all Bergeron Personal Training clients.

7)Plan healthy snacks ahead

If you are hosting a holiday party or know there is lots of candy at the office, plan to bring healthy snacks as alternatives. Having almonds, string cheese, or other nutritious food ready to go will help keep you from reaching for the peppermint patties on the receptionists desk. Bergeron Personal Training has a list of preferred foods we can email you if you fill out our contact form here.

8)Time your carbs for the end of the meal

As a personal trainer, I need to be realistic and know that you (and I) are going to be eating some not-so-healthy things once in awhile. To keep all the sugar and carbs from hitting your bloodstream, eat fats and proteins first during your meal. Why? Because the fats and proteins will slow the rate at which the sugar hits your bloodstream and will slow the rate at which your insulin will climb. Having steady blood sugar goes a long way to prevent metabolic disease and will help prevent your body from storing extra fat.

9) Hire a personal trainer

If you know you are going to be eating

more than you should, hire a personal trainer to help you burn off those extra calories and be successful. Bergeron Personal Training has starter packs of sessions in our Scottsdale studio for $99 and will help counter the excess pie, stuffing, and weight gain this holiday season. Click here for more information.

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